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Practice Areas


Our core focus is on securing patent assets covering our clients' key innovations and managing patent portfolios to the clients' strategic advantage. To this end, we work closely with our clients to understand their business interests and counsel to maximize the value and utility of their portfolios.

We have extensive experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications, both foreign and domestic. We are also experienced in patent appellate practice, post-grant proceedings, patentability searches and opinions, due diligence investigations, preparing and negotiating patent licenses, and providing patent litigation support.

With strong Electrical Engineering and Material Science backgrounds coupled with more than 30 years experience practicing high-technology patent law in the Silicon Valley, we are capable of quickly and efficiently understanding our client's technologies. Our technical expertise covers

  • Internet, network and mobile systems and software
  • computer system, microprocessor and chip architecture design
  • graphics, database, machine learning software
  • embedded and Linux operating systems
  • analog and digital signal processing
  • embedded computer control systems and software
  • semiconductor fabrication and device design
  • RF and microwave components
  • optical components and systems

Counseling, Licensing and Litigation

Our expertise with patents does not end with patent preparation and prosecution, but extends to optimizing IP protection, technology transfer and counseling.

We work closely with our client's top business and technical management on strategies for identifying their intellectual assets, programs for maximizing the development of inventive intellectual assets, and the selection of inventions for protection through the acquisition of US domestic and foreign patents. Our legal and technical expertise allows us to provide expert advice and to negotiate technology transfers, patent licenses, and joint development agreements.

We are frequently involved with other counsel working on behalf of a client, including their securities lawyers, accountants, venture capitalists, investment bankers, and underwriters, to identify and establish the value of the client's intellectual assets.

We also advise our clients regarding the enforcement of their patents as well as defenses to any assertions of infringement made by others. We are experienced in performing detailed analysis of issued patents, including the interpretation of claims for validity and the potential for infringement, and providing corresponding validity and infringement opinions of counsel. We have successfully negotiated on behalf of our clients to dissuade patent holders from the filing of infringement suits and, when necessary, instigated litigation to protect the interests of our clients.